Arriva is one of the largest providers of passenger transport in Europe
Arriva Italia

Arriva Italia Srl. is the Arriva Group’s Italian holding. Present on the Italian market since 2002, managing circa the 5% of the Italian market, offering both urban and extra-urban transport services mainly in Northern Italy, as well as link services to Turin and Milan airports.

Arriva Italia strengthened its position through the acquisition of local public transport companies or with cooperation in joint venture with public partners.

Currently, Arriva Italia manages a 9 operating companies portfolio, public transport services for circa 100 million of bus/km per year, 2500 vehicles and 3500 employees. 

In 2012 is born Arriva Italia Rail, rail services dedicated start-up. 

Angelo Costa, Managing Director

Angelo Costa has a great experience in financial and management sector, and during his 20-year career he covered leadership vacancies for different companies. 

He joined Arriva Group in July 2015, as CFO of Arriva Italia. 

Since April 2017, Angelo Costa is Managing Director of Arriva Italia. 

Moreover, Angelo Costa is President of SAB, SIA, KM, SAVDA, SADEM, SAF, Arriva Veneto and Arriva Italia Rail.

Our Values

The Arriva values have been shaped by Arriva people, for Arriva people. They are at the very heart of Arriva – they sum up what we stand for and what makes Arriva unique.

Our values are the same for everyone, whether they work in Abergavenny or Aarhus, Milan or Maribor. That’s 60,000 people sharing the same principles and way of working across 14 countries. We are committed to making the values part of the everyday at Arriva, and look for opportunities to embed the values in everything we do.

  • One Arriva - We work as one team - Together we are Arriva
  • Great Customer Experience - We keep our customers happy everyday
  • Doing the Right Thing - We look after our customers, colleagues and the environment, and always put safety first
  • Thinking Beyond - We are curious and inspired to think beyond today, for an even bigger and better Arriva Tomorrow
Our Mission

Our business is people mobility, so we commit to develop integrated mobility services so the public transports could become the favourite travel service by our customer.

We offer services to the people, so we will be even more connected thanks to our highly motivated employees, better technologies and significant relations with our customers and partners.

We are proud, everywhere we operate, to serve societies and local communities which count on us. 

The Strategy

Italy represents, by size and numbers, the second public transport market in Europe. Arriva Italia manages 5% of the road market (through 11 societies, some of which in joint venture with public local partners, and is oriented to grow both on road and rail sector.

The target is to propose Arriva as a multimodal operator able to manage integrated and innovative services, playing a key role in the liberalization process of the sector. In this process, Arriva Italia con count on the experience and support of the “sister companies” who operate in other 14 European countries. The capacity to operate in cultural, institutional economic and law rules different contests is a major strenght of the group. Arriva proposes itself as a partner for institutional customer. Arriva has been the first company to operate in deregulated markets, through different forms of private contracts assured by different markets.

This commitment became effective with the DB2020 program, which launched the bases to fix the ambitious strategic objectives of the DB Group.

To become the leader company with high revenues, to be the best employer , and to be known as ambiental sustainabilty pioneers are the core fo the DB2020 program.

The reviewed strategy of Arriva, Mobility Partner of Choice, develop itself inside this program, to enhance the best solutions of integrated mobility through four pillars. 

Company Social Responsibility

The Quality/Safety/Environment - Company Social Responsibility is at the very core of the decisions and processes that lead the activity and the company development. A group like Arriva, which everyday offers an essential service to millions of people around Europe, must develop his activities considering not only the quality of the service offered and the attention for the customers, but also the social and environmental impact his activities are generating and the effects of such activities on local communities. 

For Arriva, this means to limit as much as possible the impact of the activities on the environment, to grant a safe workplace for the employees, to offer quality ad safe vehicles to passengers and act as an active player in the territories in which operates. 

Arriva italia has a policy which includes:

Excellent Service - offer high quality transport services

Strategic Partnerships - cooperate with public entities to implement innovative and sustainable solutions

Continous Improvement - apply the SGI Quality/Safety/Environment norms in order to reach a continous improvement

Guiding the Future - have a lead role in the future innovations

Grow Together - give values to our employees

Click here to download the Arriva Italia Rail 2018 quality assessment 


Arriva Italia ha ottenuto la Certificazione Integrata Qualità, Sicurezza e Ambiente nell'ambito della progettazione ed erogazione di servizi amministrativi, di gestione e  di coordinamento a favore delle società del gruppo.

(UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, UNI EN ISO 14001:2015, BS OHSAS 18001:2007)


Governing bodies

Management board: 

  • President: Luigi Roth
  • Managing Director: Angelo Costa
  • Counsellor: Ambrogio Benaglio
  • Counsellor: Alberto Toneatto
  • Counsellor: Luca Delbarba
  • Counsellor: Giuseppe Proto
  • Counsellor: Paolo Girino

Supervisory board:

  • President: Alessandro Pampuri 
  • Auditor: Matteo Moretti
  • Auditor: Franco Maurizio Lagro
  • Auditor: Emanuela Rollino
  • Auditor: Carlo Ciardiello 
Crystal Loren
Anno 2002

Acquisizione SAB

Arriva acquisisce il Gruppo SAB e rileva quote di minoranza di KM e Trieste Trasporti

Jasper Stevens
Anni 2004

Ingresso in SAF

Arriva acquisisce il 49% di SAF

Norman Pallet
Anno 2005

Ingresso SADEM

Arriva acquisisce l’80% di SADEM e aumenta al 60% la partecipazione in SAF

Ismail Dunkan
Anno 2007

ASF Como

Tramite la partecipata Omnibus, Arriva - insieme alle Ferrovie Nord - acquisisce il 49% di ASF Como

Virginia Kent
Anno 2008

100% SADEM

Arriva acquisisce l’intero capitale sociale di SADEM

Paul Smith
Anno 2009

Arriva Italia

nasce Arriva Italia, holding italiana del gruppo

Jasmine Mason
Anno 2012


Nasce Arriva Italia Rail

Jasmine Mason
Anno 2014

EXPO 2015

Arriva è “people mobility partner” di Expo 2015

Jasmine Mason
Anno 2015

100% KM

Arriva acquisisce l’intero capitale sociale di KM

Jasmine Mason
Anno 2016

100% SAVDA

Arriva acquisisce il 100% di SAVDA