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SAVDA manages public transport services in Val d'Aosta

The Company

SAVDA manages urban and extraurban public transport services in Val d'Aosta. SAVDA joined Arriva Group in 2016, and is the most relevant operator in mobility sector in Val d'Aosta. Since the day SAVDA was born, the company always had the wish to grant the community an efficient and regular transport service.

Numbers (2019)

Annual Passengers: 2 millions   

Service Volume: 4,8 millions of Bus/km

Vehicles: 104 unites    

Total Employees: 133

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Our Services

Public transport services in “Alta Valle”, “Bassa Valle” and “Centro Valle”

Daily links with Torino, Novara and Milano

Links with Martigny via Gran San Bernardo Tunnel, and with Chamonix via Tunnel del Monte Bianco

Daily winter links with Milano Malpensa airport and with Geneve airporti

On call services - bus rent

Disabled people transport in Val d'Aosta

Valentina Astori, Managing Director

Valentina Astori started his career in public transport sector in Lombardy, at first as Consultant for SGEA, then as Exercise Administrator at SAI Treviglio. 

In July 2004 Valentina Astori joined Arriva Group as Engineering Auditor and then she has performed several managerial roles in Arriva Italia's companies.

In 2015, Valentina has been appointed Managing Director of SAB.

In May 2018, Valentina has been appointed Managing Director of SADEM and SAVDA and Vice President of SAB.

In June 2018, she has been appointed Managing Director of ASF Autolinee.


Crystal Loren
Anno 1947

Nasce la SAVDA

Nasce la SAVDA Autoservizi della Valle d'Aosta

Jasper Stevens
Anno 1962


SAVDA si fonde con la società TOSCO, azienda di trasporto della famiglia Bordon

Norman Pallet
Anno 1986


SAVDA rileva la SADEM

Ismail Dunkan
Anno 1991


nasce ALPIBUS, servizio di autonoleggio con conducente operato da SAVDA, SADEM e SAPAV, acquisita dalla SADEM stessa

Virginia Kent
Anno 2005

SAVDA oggi

SAVDA assume la configurazione attuale a seguito della scissione della SADEM che viene rilevata dal Gruppo SAB, controllato da Arriva

Paul Smith
Anno 2013

Mont Blanc Tour Operator

SAVDA,incorpora la Mont Blanc Tour Operator

Jasmine Mason
Anno 2016

SAVDA in Arriva

SAVDA entra a far parte del Gruppo Arrivagrazie all’acquisizione da parte di Arriva Italia del 100% dell’azienda


SAVDA adopted an organization model based on d. lgs. 231/2001 about company responsibility, approved by director's board and committed to a internal vigilance organism. With this model, SAVDA wants to delete or minimize the risks of unfair behaviors from employees.

The model includes also the adoption af an Ethic Code, which includes the principles and behavior lines which define the activity of the company, and every employer must respect and observe it. 


UNI EN ISO 9001 (Quality)

UNI EN ISO 14001 (Environment)